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The KJLife Company was formed in the year 2008 by a group of Doctors concerned by the overall decline in the health of the human population & to provide safe, innovative, side effect free treatments of various diseases, presently involving the use of harmful chemical medication giving rise to serious medical complications over the recent years. Our team comprises of Doctors ( Allopathy & Ayurveda ) , having rich experience in their fields. Extensive Research in Plant Pharmacology & Ayurveda , along with the study of Bio Energy Medicine along with Our Russian Team of Doctors and Scientists have lead to the formulation of Unique & Revolutionary — "Bio Modulators"


KJLife Owns & Operates its Own RnD Center, Production Unit & Organic Farms in Pollution Free Zones in foothills of Garhwal. KJLife Company has slowly evolved over the years to provide completely safe & natural ,herbal solutions to various day to day needs, & has chosen direct sales as its mode of operation to be directly connected to its customers for maximum client satisfaction & constant research in the fields of herbal biotechnology not only to give innovative products but also help us sustain the delicate balance between the environment and be close to our mother nature.

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Bio Modulators

Bio Modulators are Energy Medicine based Super foods, especially formulated as per the Ancient Ayurvedic Recipes & Processed in Technical Collaboration with the Russians, extensively working in the field of Bio Energetics. They act by Gently Detoxifying, Increasing the Cellular Oxygen Perfusion & Nourishment, Regulating the Hormonal Dysbalance, thus Reversing the Cellular Damages & have proved to be Irreplaceable for the Prevention & Management of Various Diseased Conditions.

Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extracts are made from the Extracts of Single Organic Herbs, & contain the Highest % of Extract Strength. They are Super Charged with various Essential Amino Acids, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Micro Elements, Protective Antioxidants, Essential Oils (Omega-3, 6, 9) & Various Rich Photochemicals. They Play a very Vital Role, as Everyday Essentials – Acting as Our Own Nutritional Power Bank, Enriching our Diet with Nutrients which are not readily provided by our Regular Everyday Food.

Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tonics -“Hackberry”- by KJLife, are Gentle, yet Powerful Tonics, brewed using an Exotic Combination of Dry, Freshly Plucked Herbs, Fresh Vegetables & Fruits; & involve the process of Steam Distillation, giving it its Richness. Herbal Tonics by KJLife is an initiative to provide affordable yet powerful herbal remedies to soothe the various ailments in our day to day lives. These Tonics are readily relished by both the Kids & the Elderly & Revitalize Us with their Regular & Everyday Use.

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Great Energy Booster

Hello my name is Barizasi Elizabeth Kadelo. I am from Nigeria. I had come for treatment of my chronic illness to India. I was undergoing my treatment form Max Hospital Vasant Kunj. I used to be so tired all the time .. with all the heavy doses of medicines..I did not feel lke even going out of my house. Looking at my condition my Indian friend gave me a product called TEA BERRY & IGNOZA ..This was the turning point..I not only recovered very fast..but I am so energetic now!! thank you KJLIfe !

Elizabeth Kadelo / 28 Years |

Got rid of Chronic Body Aches

I had constant pain in my body..hands..shoulders..legs..I could not even perform my routine works without pain. My neighbor told me about a product called QThai ! I immediately asked her to get it for me. I was told to take at least 3 bottles of QThai..but I was amazed..just one bottle (60 caps) relieved me so much,I got back my confidence, and my pain had disappeared !

Maya Dhyani / 46 Years |

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